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Avatar Policy

The avatar policy of our high IQ community.

We are very proud of what we accomplished with High IQ Forum. That's why our avatar policy is rather strict.

Every avatar that does not meet our taste will be removed and might even cost you a ban. So, be careful in choosing your avatar. Keep in mind that copying the avatar of another user is not allowed.

We understand that for a user an avatar might represent a way of expressing himself/herself and so we decided to give you some guidelines in order to help you find the perfect avatar:

  • Avoid choosing avatars that present distasteful or offensive content. We do not accept them.

  • Avoid choosing avatars of low quality. We do not accept them.

  • Avoid choosing animated avatars. Most of the times we do not accept them.

  • Avoid choosing avatars that are too confusing. Most of the times we do not accept them.

Your avatar represents not only you, but the whole community. We always strive to keep the design of this website nice and clean. We expect our members to do the same.

If you think you cannot comply with our avatar policy please avoid uploading an avatar.

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