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High IQ Society

Some information about our high IQ society.

This is a high IQ society with a purpose. That is what separates this high IQ society from most of the other currently existing high IQ societies. If you expect to join us by just showing a piece of paper and doing nothing you might be in the wrong place. We are all here to learn and to make other individuals learn. Do not expect us to worship you because of a mere number as that will not happen.

We highly value intelligence, but we also highly value other abilities of the mind. It is not our intention to intimidate you, as we consider ourselves to be part of a friendly high IQ society, but sometimes people seem to be only interested in having their IQ certified without being interested in our cause.

What is a society without interaction? We are not here in order to boost your ego. We are here to bring individuals and ideas together. Isolationism will never get you anywhere, nor will it ever get a society anywhere. Most, if not all, of the already existing high IQ societies have done an amazing job at isolating themselves from the real world. We believe that is wrong. What comes from the world shall be returned to the world. What is generated within our high IQ society is no exception. We want to make this world a better and fairer place. How can we achieve that by completely isolating ourselves from everything? An isolated system will never succeed in shaping its environment.

This high IQ society is an idea. The thoughts of our members are the most precious thing we have.

If you are interested in joining our high IQ society learn more about the IQ certification process by clicking here.

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