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IQ Certification

How to get your IQ certified and get full access to our high IQ society.

If you are interested in having your IQ certified make sure that your posts reflect your actual level of intelligence.

The reason we might not certify IQs based on previously obtained IQ scores is due to the fact that we have no way of knowing whether these tests were administered and taken properly. However if you already have a certificate that demonstrates that you have a certain IQ we will likely be happy to certify you that IQ.

The tests that we accept for the process of IQ certification are: Cattel Culture Fair / Miller Analogies Test / Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales / Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales / Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children.

Attempting to give or receive unfair assistance, for all of the tests that we accept for the process of IQ certification, is strictly forbidden and will get your account banned.

If you have never taken an IQ test and would like your IQ to be certified you can try our IQ Certification Test. Keep in mind that we cannot reveal the right answers to this test.

We usually limit ourselves to certify only the IQs of those members who have posted a minimum of 100 messages, of which at least 50 must have occurred within a period of 60 days.

If you get your IQ certified and then take another of the tests that we accept for the IQ certification process, exception made for our own test which can only be taken first, we are usually willing to increase your certified IQ score if you show proof of a higher IQ.

Remember that under no circumstance are you allowed to create multiple accounts on High IQ Forum.

In case you are a minor you may still apply for IQ certification, however, you should know that we reserve the right not to certify the IQs of those members who are less than 18 years of age.

If you meet the criteria listed above and would like to have your IQ certified, please contact the admin and show proof of why you think to have a certain IQ.

By applying for IQ certification you accept the fact that you are completely and solely responsible for any possible outcome.

Only through our IQ certification process you can get full access to our high IQ society.

A high IQ is required in order to join our High IQ Society, but we also put emphasis on the word "Society". We expect some form of interaction to occur between members. Just remember that we would like to know what your thoughts are every now and then. We don't expect anything extraordinary, even 10 posts per year may be fine, and from a few members we might even not expect anything at all depending on their history. Keep in mind that if you end up getting permanently banned from our high IQ community, or receive a temporary ban that expires after 100 days or more, you will also be removed from our High IQ Society and your IQ certification may be revoked.

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