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IQ Certification Test

Official IQ test of our high IQ society.

This is how the test is structured: You will be given unlimited time to answer all the questions of this test.

Report your answers on a sheet of paper or wherever you prefer. Once you finish the test you can send your answers to one of our staff members. Explanations to your answers are welcome.

This test can be used in order to certify a member's IQ and it is 100% free for all of our members who have a minimum of 100 messages. If you are not a member or if you have not reached 100 messages you can still take a look at the test but we will not be able to certify your IQ.

Work alone. Because you must have reached 100 messages in order to take this test we can usually tell, based on the quality of your posts, whether you worked alone or not. We tend to trust our members but if we realize that you took the test with some sort of external help we will permanently ban your account.

The test can only be taken once.

This test is meant for people who are at least 18 years old.

This is not supposed to be a real IQ test, however, as the final evaluation is supposed to be rather strict we are confident that someone who manages to obtain a certain score on this test would very likely obtain a higher score on a professionally administered IQ test. This test is not meant for everyone. Even if you don't manage to get your IQ certified with this test you might be able to get an extremely high IQ on a professionally administered IQ test.

Do not ask for right or wrong answers at the end of the test.

Having said that... Good luck! May you succeed and get full access to our high IQ society after taking this test.

Do not start the test unless you have read the instructions. If you have read the instructions and you wish to start the test click here.

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