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IQ Test

Free IQ test of our high IQ society.

This is how the IQ test is structured: You will be given 14 minutes to answer the first 9 questions of the test. After that you will be then given an extra minute to analyze and give an answer to the last question.

Report your answers on a sheet of paper or wherever you prefer. Once you finish the IQ test you will be given all the answers for each question. Keep in mind that all that matters is what you have written/drawn.

For obvious reasons no member's IQ can be certified using this IQ test. If you are interested in knowing how to get your IQ certified on High IQ Forum please read our FAQ and our IQ Certification apposite section.

Having said that, I will repeat it one more time: You are only allowed 14 minutes to answer the first nine questions and 1 minute to answer the last question. Do not look at the last question before your 14 minutes have expired. What you have written/drawn will be all that matters. At least with yourself, be honest.

This is not supposed to be a serious IQ test.

This test is 100% free for everyone. We don't require you to sign up to this website in order to take the test nor do we require you to do anything in order to get the results. Keep in mind however that running this website has its own costs. Because of this we would really appreciate if you decided to join our cause and/or if you decided to share this link with other people. Our high IQ society is always looking for new members.

Having said that... Good luck!

Do not start the test unless you have read the instructions. If you have read the instructions and you wish to start the test click here.

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