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Are you using your full potential ?

Discussion in 'Intelligence and Brainpower' started by Vince, May 29, 2016.


How much of your intelligence do you use in your daily life?

  1. %100

    5 vote(s)
  2. %75

    5 vote(s)
  3. %50

    11 vote(s)
  4. %25 or less

    23 vote(s)
  1. JustAnotherJoe

    JustAnotherJoe Member Unclaimed IQ

    I'm choosing not to vote because I don't agree with this concept. How do you quantify how much of your intelligence you are using (actually, it's impossible but I get what you're saying) and furthermore, how would it factor into your overall "full potential" (which has many more factors than intelligence)?
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  2. Glimmer

    Glimmer Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Yeah, I didn't vote in the survey either because it's too hard to quantify.
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  3. Vince

    Vince Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    It was more an attempt at seeing how challenged people feel in their daily life or working activity. Of course it's hard to exactly quantify. Here's how I look depending on how much intelligence I use:
    25% :ROFLMAO:

    Now you have a scale.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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  4. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    This is so true and why I would NOT recommend chumming it up with a professor without being extremely selective....like say a Dr. Peterson.
  5. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    I'm a prolific procrastinator and feel is it is one of my best traits, lol. It keeps me from doing tons of things that don't really need doing, and provides more time for the more important issues. It also keeps me from agonizing every detail looking for perfection. Often putting things off leads better options and solutions that would have come too late if I'd just done it straight away. Yes, I realize this is really more a type of prioritizing, but many often mistake it for procrastination.
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  6. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Imo you all use 100% even if you don't realize it. No, you don't do it all day long, but most every day you face a challenge that pushes your abilities right up to the max. Like a motor, you can't run at max revs all day long, but you have those extra revs to use when the load is high for brief periods.
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  7. Vince

    Vince Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    I don't get that every day, rarely I face challenges that force me to go 100%, and when I do they're usually big problems in my life.
    However, everyday I take up challenges that enable me to go 100%, but only because I chose to. Unfortunately, I'm having a difficult time finding challenges that are worth my time. Probably because I don't look hard enough. I just feel and know that I can do more and better with my life.

    I just wanted to know if other people here felt the same.
  8. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    I do.
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  9. Creedinger

    Creedinger Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    Is this not the feeling of almost any human being and a big enabler for growth?

    Can you give some examples of such challenges? To be honest I do have absolutly no idea how I should even quantify the usage of my intelligence.
    My potential is limted since I am lazy and waste my time too much. So in case somebody has a good recommendation of how to get a fear of death and the realization of a very short life span into my head, I would be very thankful :D
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  10. Luchristoffer

    Luchristoffer Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    I am interested in so much, but so little of my (and most other people's) work assignments and shallow small talk interest me. The ordinary, and the immediately useful – which most people seem to find at least somewhat meaningful (their arbitrary jobs, their seemingly meaningless conversations) – just leaves me feeling empty and sad. I want to live in the domains of deeper thought and feeling; a vast world, and the only one that has any meaning for me.

    I would think that almost everyone here has that same feeling you have. I think that the difficulty finding challenges – or rather, in my interpretation, "stuff that you care about on a deeper level" – in the real world is what causes one to come here. That's the reason I'm here, anyway, to exchange thoughts and ideas about things that I don't have an outlet for there.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  11. JustAnotherJoe

    JustAnotherJoe Member Unclaimed IQ

    Yeah, again I know what you meant, and to answer I never push myself and generally never find myself challenged which I think would correlate with the 25% face. But I still think I'm using my intelligence 100% regardless; its application seems more like a fluid thing to me, like it can expand to whatever 3D "container" you give it in any period of time, but each person's fluid can only expand (or compress) so much before issues arise with functionality.

    I guess an example of "expanding too far" would be a moderately intelligent person tackling too many legitimate side-projects while accumulating too much to do at work, thus becoming exhausted, burning out, and possibly failing at one or more of those things. And "compressing too tightly (never a good thing, metaphorically or in real life)" might be an extremely intelligent individual starting a 9-5 retail job where they pick up on 'the patterns' by lunch, figure out the inefficiencies by 5 p.m., and have solutions for said inefficiencies by 9 the next morning. All of which their manager will likely dismiss which will frustrate the individual to the point where they can't function in the simple job that they are already bored to death with anyways. Both of these, and everything in-between, would still be applying all of the individual's intelligence.
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  12. Vince

    Vince Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    I program semi predictable systems, they're also better known as "Human beings".
    In other words, I try to teach stuff to people just like you, according to how you describe yourself, and that's so challenging that I sometimes give up.
  13. Glimmer

    Glimmer Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Not exactly. I have no trouble at all finding things that are worthy of my time. Lots of them. I just find that solving them usually involves resources I don't have. I also can't help notice obstacles deliberately created to make it difficult to raise funds, raise awareness, etc. Not specifically targeted at me, but the obstacles are there nonetheless.

    What kind of things would you like to work on? Maybe I can suggest some "challenges" that would be worthy of your time.
  14. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    Send me your suggestions.
  15. Glimmer

    Glimmer Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Why, are you looking for ideas on what to do? If so, could you perhaps indicate what sort of things you're interested in? Math? Physics? Economics? History? Psychology? Biology? Chemistry? Engineering? Law? Computer Science? Medical Science? Politics? Space Travel? The list goes on. There are very important, very difficult problems in all of these fields and more.
  16. Solaire

    Solaire Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Hard to say (@Chuck made a very valid point), but I'm assuming we're talking average here where 100% is the perfect use of ones potential, where no effort is wasted, 25% equals sitting home most of the time doing nothing with ones potential, 50% equals occasionally doing something with ones potential and 75% equals using as much potential as you possibly can, but not all of the time (e.g. not when one cannot be bothered with things that are of no interest or one prefers other things such as having fun over using ones potential).

    I'd say anywhere close to 75%. Found myself a challenging software engineering job where I put my problem solving skills to good use in a large enterprise, where I am currently working in joint cooperation with R&D teams all over the world and working on many different things (e.g. Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, connected / autonomous cars). It's challenging (and sometimes outright frustrating :whistle:) on many levels, sometimes even due to things as simple as differences in culture. But I get to work with many very intelligent people and it helps me develop, both professionally and personally.

    The remaining 25% is wasted on being a complete idiot. There is lots of room left for improvement, and I will never hit 100%. And honestly, that's simply not my goal. I have plenty of ideas to improve my contribution on many different levels, but I feel like it's simply not the right time for me to work out this ideas because it'd disturb the balance between working on making things better, and enjoying the things I have worked hard on to get better already. If I die, I do not only want to have contributed something to this world, I want to have enjoyed life as much as I possibly can.
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