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Cubis Creatures

Discussion in 'Gaming and Games' started by Preacherbob, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Preacherbob

    Preacherbob Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ

    Don't laugh!
    In general, I do not like games mainly because I do not play. I do not PLAY chess for instance.........I am serious! If I cannot learn from it nor force my brain to stretch out, I deem it as a useless endeavor and go about my way.

    On a referral I tried out this Apple App because I was told it is good exercise for the brain. It's not just good, it's fantastic!
    Granted, it would seem simple for it is nothing more than a match three, but there are so many twists and turns throughout the entire process that there is no way a person can find a common pattern , as it were, from one game to the next nor even in a replay.

    If a person is as worried about perfection as I, it is indeed a hazardous journey but I have found in the past that losing does have it's perks in that some things like Cubis Creatures is an overwhelming reminder that losing is a part of learning.

  2. extr3me

    extr3me Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    Well... it looks like you are a human being, human beings like to play games. Welcome to the group. Haha I can't believe you would stay away from playing because of that. You can learn from anything in life, it's up to you.
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