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Culture-Fair IQ Test Strategy

Discussion in 'Tests and Online Tests' started by Kassem, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Kassem

    Kassem New Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    I will be taking the MENSA culture fair test soon. Couple of questions:

    1. I have taken Raven-matrices style tests (picking correct picture from a sequence of pictures) online before, so I understand the general concept. I always only looked at the rows to recognize patterns, since on the easier questions, the pattern was clearly found by looking at the rows. I thought this would be the trend on the remaining questions, so to avoid wasting time, I only looked at rows. Was this correct, or can you also obtain an answer by looking at the pattern within columns (vertically)? Maybe it depends on the specific question/puzzle at hand?

    2. Will MENSA (and do similar culture-fair IQ tests) provide instruction relating to my first question, or do they expect us to figure it out, as part of the intelligence measuring process?
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  2. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ

    I have never taken the test but my guess would be that it depends on the question at hand. So, explore all possibilities.

    Again, my disclaimer is that I have not taken the test, however, yes, this is apart of the intelligence testing. Your fluid intelligence is being tested and part of evaluating that is through measuring your ability to recognize patterns abstractly.

    Try: Iqtest.dk
    Answers and Explanations: https://inspirationlife.jp/iqtest-dk-english-answer1-39/

    You can find answers and explanations to other online tests here: https://inspirationlife.jp/ This will help you understand the thinking behind the creator of the test.

    Cambridge Brain Sciences has games you can play that test fluid intelligence that is similar to the Ravens like the game "Odd One Out." A guy plays the game in the video below. You can see what answers he got correct and pause it to think about why it is correct.

    Practice will help you improve some but understanding a new problem and the algorithm you have never seen before in practice, will revert you back to having to use your innate fluid intelligence and thus bring you back to your true mean. In other words, practicing will only help if the exam uses the exact same logic as what you have practiced.

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