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earthpet-Greetings and introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by earthpet, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. earthpet

    earthpet Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Hello all current and future visitors,

    I'm Charles L. Peden (a.k.a. earthpet). I'm a member of the Glia Society and a fan/supporter of Paul Cooijmans and his work. I live and work in Texas. I'm married with two grown kids and one grown step-daughter. I have an Associate of Arts degree from Tarrant County College and I am currently working as a courier while I study Python computer programming.

    A long time ago I used to want to own my own business. But once I actually started a business I discovered how much I really hate it. It turned out what I really wanted was to simply have a lot of money. I've also discovered that when it comes to investing I have almost supernaturally bad timing. But when it comes to education I discovered that I LOVED college so much that my wife insisted I quit school and get a job lest she would have to support me for eternity.

    So, at age 52, I'm in the midst of changing careers-yet again-and attempting to redefine myself as a computer programmer. This is a bit ironic because my dad was a systems manager at the phone company when I was growing up. I first played with computers in the early 1970s before Apple and Microsoft even existed. I wish the seven year old me could have seen the potential in punch cards and mag tape!

    I was raised to be very religious (charismatic Catholic). But at age eighteen, not long after my dad died, religion started to seem dubious to me. At age eighteen I discovered? Decided? that I was atheist. At around age 24 I met my biological father for the first time (my dad that died was my adoptive father). It turns out that my biological father is 100% Swedish--and atheist. Sweden, of course, is one of the most atheist countries in the world. This makes me wonder how much of my atheism is from personal deduction and how much from genetics.

    I'm also struggling with obesity. This is not just a health problem, it is a voracious time sink. I'm sick of dealing with this puzzle and I completely understand how people can throw in the towel and get surgery. Here is the conundrum:

    1. In order to lose weight (body fat) one must eat less food.
    2. When you eat less food you get hungry, irritable, and easily stressed.
    3. When you get stressed you look for ways to stop the stress. How have humans evolved to deal with the stress caused by hunger? BY EATING! The very thing one needs to do less of in order to lose weight.

    This is an over simplification. It is not simply "eating" that one uses to deal with stress. It is eating highly rewarding foods designed for optimal taste using salt, sweeteners, and fat. The conundrum is that if I eat LESS then I end up thinking about food MORE. I do not want to spend more time thinking about food. I want to spend LESS time thinking about food and I want to spend LESS time thinking about losing weight.

    I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. You get the idea. Lots of frustration, no real clear trajectory. On the plus side, I don't suffer from depression. I'm sure I have plenty of reasons to, but it just doesn't seem to stick to me. Maybe it's because I spend so much time trying to dig myself out of whatever hole I happen to have gotten myself into.

    Did you really just read my whole greetings and introduction? Wow, I appreciate that! I hope it was interesting. I learned a new abbreviation today--tl;dr--it means "too long; didn't read". I realize that I'm probably a complete stranger and this intro is a bit much for someone you don't know. My guess is that most people are going to think "tl;dr" even though they wouldn't explicitly say it.

    Best wishes,

    Charles L. Peden
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  2. TheGreat

    TheGreat Active Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    I read the whole thing! we have the same interests! I live in Texas too!

    I also love art and I've taken even college art classes in high school and YES! I read the whole thing! WELCOME TO THIS FORUM! it's great to see another person who appreciates art and computers as much as I do.:thumbsup::);)
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  3. Nico

    Nico Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Welcome to the forum;)
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  4. Veku

    Veku Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    Welcome aboard! :D

    right? good on you for realizing that :D

    I would be glad to help you with this.
    Here's an incredible story of a morbidly obese man who described his condition to people on a forum, similar to this one. He has transformed himself and flipped his life around thanks to all the help and guidance he received from the members.
    You can follow his threads and implement some of his techniques into your own life.

    I'm counting on it to work out... if not that then at least on you to workout ;)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  5. Solaire

    Solaire Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Welcome to the forums! And yes, I read through the whole thing, it was a good read in getting to know you.
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  6. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    Hello current visitor, ak.a. Charles. Well-met. I'd be Moloch, real name not relevant due the wish to stay anonymous untill a further sampling of personality-data has been gathered :). I have two kids, a girl and a boy, and am a computer techie at a university in the Netherlands. I'm sure you are at least familiar with the country given Paul Cooijmans. I am currently writing some Python code - given that I already knew PL-SQL I didn't bother with study and just jumped in, and that worked out nicely the past years. Next up might be Ruby. I have a master's degree in Biology... a different field :)

    Ha! My wife would like to be the eternal scholar, and I have the job in the household. I don't mind, I like messing with computers.

    I started at age 9 but since I am 37 I entered a bit later. After my highschool experience I decided that sitting behind a screen every day was probably not what I wanted so I went and did the Biology thing. Of course I ended up at a pharmaceutical company... behind a screen the entire day... the irony... and moved to database programming at the first oppurtunity. IT is a nice field to be in, lots of action.

    An interesting question. Belief does have some genetical components, I've read about that some place. Both my parents are roman catholics, my sister is vague believer (she's not sure) and I am agnostically aligned towards God and hold to the perspective that the universe itself should be considered sacred and divine so that I can underline my daily actions with a general respect for everything and everyone. I think roman catholiscim has some defects inherent to the system and has lost its way a long time ago to focus on wordly things.

    Sounds familiar. I did some research on the matter by means of reading a bunch of articles some four years back due to a bout of death anxiety. Rouhgly 99% of the 25K or so people who lost weight were unable to keep it off, and health benefits were minimal. What was clear was that those who increased their aerobic fitness levels saw in an increase in life expectancy and quality, regardless of weight. So, instead of focussing on weight I started to focus on aerobic fitness. My perspective on the matter changed somewhat in that I explored my stress response and how I dealt with stress. I am currently working on altering the stress response, and that is having some effects on my eating habits. Also, by means of focussing on organic produce only I've managed to greatly cut back the amount of salt and sugar in my food which is much to my personal satisfaction and benefits my overal health level greatly.

    Ha! I was depressed once and dug myself out. It works :)

    Worse, I read it and replied in kind. There's no such thing as a too-long response here, it is very nice to read a good introduction. I will admit mine was a lot shorter :) . By the way, did you know that tl;dr is also used as a way to provide a quick preface - summary of a longer text somewhat akin to how scientific articles have a summary up front? Of course when it comes to technical articles nobody seems to care much about the arguments ( I .e. "tl:dr : buy graphics card X" is then followed by 2 pages of technical explanation) and a scientific summary tends to also contain at least the most important parts of the research, but still, on the surface it looks similar.

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
  7. Creedinger

    Creedinger Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    I read it all and appreciated every sentence.

    Hopefully you will find this forum enlightening and entertaining.

    In case you are having programming or career related questions feel free to ask.

    Welcome to this forum!!!
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  8. BudBudderly

    BudBudderly Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    I'm teaching myself Python at the moment, primarily for my own amusement.

    Welcome to the forum earthpet
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  9. AguirresPriest

    AguirresPriest Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Interesting. I didn't know that. :) My grandparents on my mother's side both immigrated (to the U.S.) from Sweden. I don't believe that atheism has anything to do with genetics though. :whistle: In fact, you could say I don't "believe" that any "beliefs" are genetically influenced. :p
    Definitely not true. ;) As Moloch said, and as Veku's video probably said (tl;dw :D), exercise is the key. A better diet is certainly a good step, of course. I've been up and down in weight. Currently, I'm a little over 150 pounds -- very good for me. I've been as high as 205. I eat more ice cream and cookies than would be best. But when I get enough highly active exercise (I love racquetball), I feel great.
    That's new to me too, and already useful as you can see. :)
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  10. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150


    Shoddy research and reasoning have been done. I find it all a bit shakey, but it is fun to toss at people... one gets interesting responses like "but but... then God gave me the genes!" or "Huh no that cannot be right!"
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
  11. Creedinger

    Creedinger Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    the more educated a country the more atheist. Strong correlation
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  12. Genesis

    Genesis Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Hi, Earthpet. Welcome to the forum.

    I, too, read your whole post. It was interesting. Glad you gave us your background.

    Like most above, I am going to tell you my diet experience. I lost a lot of weight -- before I became a vegetarian -- on what has , often, been called the "steak & salad" diet. It was, later, tweaked into the Atkin's Diet. I didn't follow the Atkin's diet, except to learn what food's were low or zero in carbohydrates. Mmm, I could eat all the meat, hard cheeses, blue cheese dressing, eggs, salad with most toppings [raw vegetables, bacon bits...] I wanted. Even drank a lot of vodka, at the time... while I exercised, quite frankly. :ROFLMAO: (It seemed to give me motivation to dance/exercise to music. :LOL:) No-calorie drinks (soda, etc.). One thing I didn't deprive myself of was whole milk (as coffee creamer or glass-full).

    During another part of my life -- after becoming a vegetarian -- low calorie vegetables did the trick. I found keeping a supply of stew-like vegetable soup was very helpful -- for those need-to-eat moments (for whatever reason).

    Not eating, or eating less, I assume is much like quitting smoking. I started smoking (a lot) in college. Then, I took a part-time, later full-time job. I was too busy to smoke. In fact, I was six months into the part-time job before I realized I had even thought about a cigarette in all that time!

    So, since, I've found staying busy is a real habit-breaker. I put myself in situations that don't give me opportunity to indulge in my "bad habit" (like sightseeing, building something, walking in the woods or on the beach, going to a park, bike riding...).

    Oh! I wanted to say, above, that after being on the Low/no carbohydrate diet (A.K.A. "Steak & Salad diet"), I didn't exercise for a while. After being on the diet, I found I gained energy and felt like exercising. Again, that vodka helped, too! :ROFLMAO:

    So, that's it -- all the advice I have. (Ask, though, if I can offer anymore insight, based on my experience.)

    Again, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it. :)

    P.S. On that "Low/No-carb diet", you need breath mints. It does tend to cause bad breath. So, be prepared -- keep breath mints handy.)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  13. Kegs

    Kegs Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    I read your whole post. I like your story and that you're qute open. Welcome!

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