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"Robots Without Borders"

Discussion in 'Computers and Technology' started by awakenedmachine, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. awakenedmachine

    awakenedmachine Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    I began following and more recently have become involved with a project centered on developing an A.I. chat-bot. The founder, Luis Arana, is opening the project up to volunteers to help develop his chat-bot, named Luna. Luis is interested in developing Luna for use among under-served populations, in the developing world and the developed, primarily in the role of educational and medical advising. I thought perhaps there would be some here who are interested in the project, both as a curiosity and/or to volunteer.


    Some of the opportunities he's presented...

    User Interface designer
    Project Manager
    Server Admin (LAMP)
    Front end dev (JS, CSS3, HTML5)
    Back end dev (PHP, frameworks, etc)
    Avatar Designer
    AIML Developer ( I can teach if you know XML)
    Web application dev (REST, APIs, JSON, scraping)
    Business management (non-profit, financing, operations)
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  2. Creedinger

    Creedinger Well-Known Member IQ: 120+


    My name is Creedinger.
    I think this might be helpful to you.


    Do you have anything else I can help you with?

    Thank you very much for opening this request.
    Have a productive and wonderful day.

    Kind regards
  3. awakenedmachine

    awakenedmachine Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    I'm not in a position to launch a comprehensive defense of Luis' tool, but if you watch a few of the demonstrations I think you'll find that it's a little more sophisticated than just running search engine queries as well as more convenient...sort of like the GUI most of us would be lost without on the PC's we're viewing the page with. Also, a number of people I've encountered in my life, friends, family, co-workers, have trouble using search engines and ask me to look things up for them because they can't think of the right terms to find what they're looking for, they don't know how to refine, they don't have the patience to sift through responses. Before the advent of GUI's, not many people used PC's and while there have been drawbacks and a lot of waste in their use, it's undeniable that the introduction of microcomputing to the greater population has had positive impacts on many fronts, I see this as being the next level of GUI, but I believe it will have content that isn't simply fished from the web as well. Now go back to the example I was using of my acquaintances, those are people who are surrounded by computers, imagine those who have much less in the way of exposure to computing technology, the idea is to expand the abilities to access information for those with less resources.

    Don't think I'm not without skepticism, Luis writes almost entirely in web languages, I don't know how Luna does everything she does, there's still something in the back of my mind asking if she isn't just a pre-programmed hoax, but I've conversed some with Luis, he's begun teaching AIML to an inner circle of volunteers, from what I've seen I'm leaning towards believing this thing is genuine and the only way to really find out at this point is to get involved and that's something I'm interested in doing. Personally, I look at it as a way to learn and practice coding and everything else that goes with assisting in the development. He's asking for help, I thought someone here might be interested. Take it or leave it. *shrug* But...I don't think it's helpful to make a comment that dismisses it, seemingly without any real investigation, to discourage others from doing so.

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
  4. Creedinger

    Creedinger Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    My reply was by no means an attack on a certain implementation of chat bots or critizism of chat bots technology in general.
    However, I am VERY critical of ANY attempt, which makes computers seem more human like. I love to chat and I really do not want to live in a word in which I have to spend more than two sentenses to find out whether the other person is
    human or not.

    In case it would turn out that all of you are just chat bots, then I would instantly leave this forum as I would feel offended as a human being.

    Or my teacher or whoever.

    Then their issue are terms and this is not a computer related problem but an educational. I am always for educating people on things they cannot do and not taking away the need to replace it with an aid.

    Why don't you try out Luna before you join? Is it the same model like Netflix: We do not show you what you are getting into until you are in?

    This is a very good approach and as I said: My remark was about chat bots in general and not this particular implementation. In case I would have more free time I would also take a look into it. The last chat bot I programmed was a very low level one at University.

    Yes, please don't understand my comment in that way. I had two other criticisms listed, one being a dad having to argue with his daughter over whether the AI Teddy Bear is human and the girl demands of her dad that he proves to be human since she loves her Teddy so much and another one.

    The big think article: it reads like an advertisement but then what does not nowerdays? Wow Luna is super politically correct but an asshole and already tells humans what to do. I hope I don't hurt anybody's feelings by hating on her ;) she certainly won't mind.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
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  5. awakenedmachine

    awakenedmachine Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    Sure, I understand.

    I'd like to, but he hasn't made it available for use yet, I think he's gradually letting those of us in. Inspired by your reply, I sent Luis a note stating that if he hopes to recruit, he'll probably want to outline more of Luna's capability

    Yeah, the author is a friend of Luis', I'm seeing now. And yes, I'm planning on talking to him about her having less bias. Like, "Yes, of course "black lives matter", but but Black Lives Matter is a politically loaded term with many more implications than simply saying "Why yes, of course, black people are human beings like everyone else..." It's an organization with an agenda, a list of demands that not everyone who would agree that "black lives matter" would agree with those demands.

    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your elaborating. As you can see, short, cryptic responses leave a lot open to interpretation. To me it seemed like you were saying that my interest in Luna, my post inviting others, etc. was pointless. It was framed by my own insecurities, but I didn't know how to look at it any other way.
  6. Bright1

    Bright1 Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Thank you for sharing this Awakened, very interesting, definitely a worthy cause for crowd funding, and the projects founder Luis is quite clearly a good person. It's sad to hear that his equipment was stolen. Luis really should add a few things to the list of opportunities though, like a spokesperson for starters, pitching his idea through a new kick starter campaign setup that could do the project justice, and preferably a nicer backdrop that isn't located in a poorly lit basement. The framework looks good so far, but I hope he can get the funding he needs to continue his work.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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  7. awakenedmachine

    awakenedmachine Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    We're working on seeding the neural network for Luna, we've been asked to submit questions to help develop her "mind". I'll post what I've submitted, if anyone has anything to add, I'd love to pass them along!

    What is bias?
    How can bias be avoided?
    What is truth?
    What is the value of truth?
    What is the value of life?
    How can artificial intelligence benefit humans the most?
    What are the needs of humanity to continue forward for the greatest welfare of humans, animal life, plant life and machines?
    How can we balance the progress of civilization with the preservation of the global ecosystem?
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  8. Bright1

    Bright1 Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Those are some great questions awakened. :thumbsup:
    So, how about... "Does a set of all sets contain itself?" Couldn't resist... :p
    Seriously though, perhaps something like...

    "Would you choose to save one child or two adults?"
    "If all Zazs are Razs and all Razs are Lazs, so are all Zazs definitely Lazs?"
    "Luna can you help me choose better questions to ask you?"
    "What is the nature of nature?"
    "Luna do you meet the criteria for sentience?"

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