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Scariest video game ever made?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Games' started by roydos, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Veku

    Veku Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    Without an iota of doubt in my mind; Outlast would have to be it.
    I challenge anyone to play it and return without having to endure an adrenaline sh*T storm.

  2. ISG

    ISG Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    Sounds interesting, could you please describe the game for me here?
    (I'm too terrified to search it up but I'm also insanely curious)
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  3. Veku

    Veku Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    Sure! The genre is mystery-thriller. It revolves around the story of a man who ends up finding himself in a mental asylum as a result of following an investigation. Incidents in The mental asylum make him realize that he bit off far more than he can chew.The gameplay is wholly centered towards roleplay and set such that you feel absolutely helpless. There are experiments, cannibals, gore, emotionally twisted scenes and worst of all, they have given it a far too immersive and realistic touch!
    You can't do much but move around and sometimes take action when you are prompted to do so. There are an insane amount of jumpscares that never seem to stop; I remember leaping out of my chair to take breaks from this virtual torture...
    If you get scared easily then please don't even try this... I can guarantee this will result in far too many regrets. Me being someone who seeks things that fall into the thrill and horror genre... even I couldn't stand that game but I did complete it in time! it was a great experience, that game.
    I must mention the story was very mysterious and refreshing! certainly, one of the better full blown horror related games that don't rely on jump scares only
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  4. AguirresPriest

    AguirresPriest Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Haven't been near the ocean in a long time, but a few decades ago I took a class in scuba diving and then a trip to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico for a weekend dive trip. It was awesome. The water was warm. Shells were easy to find on the bottom.

    At one point in a night dive -- with something that seemed like a car headlight strapped on my head -- I had a lobster in my grasp. :) He got away though. :unsure: And the phosphorescence! My goodness that is spectacular. Move your arms and legs through the water and see the bubbles of light flare up in a trail behind them. :thumbsup: At another time I was up close and personal with a Sea Lion. That was scary. Big, a million times faster than me. :eek: My other scare was being caught in a current rushing toward a wall of rock. :( Like a leaf in the wind. Of course the current didn't go all the way into the rock.

    And for just snorkeling/swimming, the salt makes you so buoyant, it's easy to stay on top. :)

    For our honeymoon we took a trip that included swimming/wading at Black's Beach outside of San Diego, California. A nude beach. Fun.

    This has nothing to do with scary games, does it? Sorry. :whistle:
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  5. WheatieMuncher

    WheatieMuncher Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    Not unless the nude people are really old.
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  6. Veku

    Veku Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    wow ! I just took notice of this. I felt the same not so long ago...good to know I'm not alone! I came to terms with it when I pretty much took a step back and realized that I can't help but inhale dead people ashes, vapored urine, vapored sweat and the worst part...all the farts that I've been trying to avoid all my life...
    Needless to say, I still avoid beaches for the most part. ew.
  7. AguirresPriest

    AguirresPriest Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    After swimming in the ocean, you wash it all off. But in our ocean of atmosphere, you really do inhale all that -- everyday. Along with lots of other undesirable items. :p
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  8. Veku

    Veku Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    exactly ! btw beautiful post AG, :) almost inspired me to go to the beach and make some beautiful memories that I can look back to when I'm older.
    It's especially beautiful out here in Thailand.
    almost being the keyword :p
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  9. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    This reminds me of a scene in one of Jack Vance's book, where Cugel the scoundrel engages people who stand on wooden planks indoors and move on wooden stelts outside. Their belief dictates that it is unrespectfull to touch the dead, and given that it is the 15th aeon of mankind and the sun is dying, they calculated that mankind's dead were sufficient to add 20 metres of dead bodies over the entire planet. Thus they walked on planks, never to touch the ground.
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  10. WheatieMuncher

    WheatieMuncher Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    It never occurred to them that the atoms making up their bodies were more likely than not, at one point, in a dead person?
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  11. Creedinger

    Creedinger Well-Known Member IQ: 120+

    This is why deep sea is so empty......read "the swarm" by frank Sch├Ątzing? Grrreeeeeeaaaaaaat^10 book. Attack from unknown. In coast areas .... scientists and military go for it ... aaah and Scandinavia ... aaah what a book.
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