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The Best Music for Productivity? Silence

Discussion in 'Arts and Culture' started by awakenedmachine, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. awakenedmachine

    awakenedmachine Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 130+

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  2. Soud

    Soud Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    The matter is subjectively dependent of one's liking to the music and the general influence of it on different individuals. I feel that music is similar to a string of roads. They all lead to the same direction, but some paths are worse then the others, some are better to take.
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  3. BK201

    BK201 Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ

    I naturally prefer silence over any kind of noise, especially when I'm doing mental work. I don't listen to music as often as other people do, anyway.
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  4. Vince

    Vince Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

  5. mathogre

    mathogre Active Member IQ: 130+

    For the most complex things I do, yes, silence is essential. I don't need it all of the time, however.

    There are times when I'm doing light things without deep thought where music is good and fun. It can be pop, rock, classical, electronic, or whatever, but almost always through noise cancelling headphones. When I'm developing algorithms, writing code, or analyzing data, it's ambient/electronic amelodic music. In combination with the aforementioned headphones, that cuts out virtually every outside noise, even the telephone. If I'm in deep thought for problem solving, I need silence. The noise cancelling headphones are all I'll use, though ambient drone style music may be needed to fully cancel noise if others are around.
  6. Mohsin

    Mohsin Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    The following are some of my favorites:

    Cognition Enhancer For Clearer and Faster Thinking - Isochronic Tones (Electronic)

    Concentration Programming Music

    Mirrors Edge
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  7. Nico

    Nico Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    I agree, that if you have to work really concentrated, nothing is better than silence.

    But there are two exceptions that I could think of:

    1. If it is something that you do not enjoy at all some good music can give you the motivation boost, that you need to complete the tasks even if you maybe work a little bit less efficient. On the other hand, if you are not motivated you will probably not work that efficient either. In this case the best music is something that you like.

    2. If you are working in a noisy environment, for example in a train, some music will probably be less distracting than hearing people talk. I this case I would recommend simple and slow instrumental music.
  8. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    I disagree, but that's probably just me. I prefer music when I work concentrated.
  9. Nico

    Nico Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Do you prefer any kind of music while working concentrated or do you listen to the same kind of music you would also listen to, if you do not have to concentrate?
  10. Vince

    Vince Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    In truth, you need silence to produce music, because it should be all made in your mind. Any background hum or audible pulse can mess things up. When you get to hear the notes in the real world, the music is then performed, which different in my opinion than the production stage.

    But there's a middle ground, improvisation.
  11. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    Depends, mostly classical, theme-related, soundtracks, that kind of thing. Sometimes metal or trance. Mostly on low volume unless I am in a real hurry, then it is somewhat louder and preferably epic.
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  12. AguirresPriest

    AguirresPriest Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    That's true in one way, but actually when I'm working with a song or trying to sing, it's almost impossible if there's conflicting background music. If you generalize that, maybe that means that constantly listening to piped/broadcast music is preventing us from creating music: humming, whistling, singing, etc. :unsure:
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  13. Kegs

    Kegs Active Member Unclaimed IQ

    Based on my experience, it depends on the task. for hard physical labor and minium mental and psychological effort, I like fast paced up tempo music.

    For virally no labor and difficult mental or psychological challenges, I prefer silence.

    Your preference may vary.
  14. Vince

    Vince Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    I think I can do anything with music in the background. However, if I'm driving through city streets looking for a place and I have to pay attention to all the people around me who don't, I often need to turn the stereo down.
    I just said that 2 posts above yours.
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  15. DutchJess

    DutchJess Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    I write/work/think best when I listen to Einstein Study Music Academy playlists on Spotify. However, I am at the point where I have heard them so many times I recognise each song, which somehow triggers annoyance in my brain so the effects are declining.

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