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What are you currently reading?

Discussion in 'Books and Writing' started by propianotuner, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. AguirresPriest

    AguirresPriest Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Hi @Nico, I was browsing my "In the Beginning" book just this morning. I think I'd like to try Go again. However, I didn't do very well trying to find a place to play. It's all different than before. Have you looked for a site to play?

  2. Nico

    Nico Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    No, I have not. Right now, I am on my way home and maybe I will find some time to look for a site after dinner and if not then deninitly tomorrow. I will write you a pm, when I know more. I am looking forward to play with you.
  3. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ

    Finally reading books!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

    I am reading books I am finding around my parents house...

    Charles Schwab "Guide to Financial Independence".
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  4. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    Well, when you are done with Biology and Chemistry the natural follow-up is biochemistry: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK21154/

    Don't forget to scream loudly after every page. I know I should have.
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  5. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ



    In this short time, my reading speed doubled. I was reading about 200-250 wpm but now I am reading about 400-500 wpm. :thumbsup:

    Also, reading and thinking about the logic behind what I am reading and restructuring that information as needed has made my thinking about the subject more proficient and increased comprehension.
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  6. Mohsin

    Mohsin Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Even at the level that @Joe is studying Biology, there is quite a bit of Biochemistry involved. Near the beginning of the A-level Biology content, there is an entire topic dedicated to the biochemical structures of Starch in the form of Amylose and Amylopectin, Glycogen, and Cellulose. The level of detail required to understand how these molecules are biochemically different is reasonably high. The topic then goes into the tertiary and quaternary structures of proteins. There is a stark overlap between Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry. To understand Biochemistry well, it is necessary to have a good understanding of chemical bonding.
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  7. Mohsin

    Mohsin Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Wow! I'm at 250-300 wpm, so you're much faster than I am. I am somewhat hesitant to increase my reading speed because I want to maintain a high level of retention. My fastest reading rate at maximum retention seems to be at 250-300 wpm, which I am comfortable with.
  8. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ

    Ask Moloch how many words he reads per minute. Then tell me if you are still impressed by my speed...although this is my first attempt at reading books.

    I am developing a methodology. I simple just read a chapter and try to follow the logic of the author. That is stage one. I just read it and try to understand what I am reading. If I can not keep it all in my head, when trying to understand the material, I write the logic down and work it out on paper until i finish the chapter. In stage two I order the logic in the best possible way. Often the information presented in a chapter is all over the place and doesn't make logical sense in most college text-books. Stage three is about simplifying everything. This is where I really think about the material. I want to make the material so simple that the average 12 year old can understand it. I know I understand what I read if I can do this.
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  9. Mohsin

    Mohsin Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

  10. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    I too have 'Living with intensity', it came today. I highly recommend it to the general readership of the HighIQ forum. It is about Dabrowski and giftedness. In places it seems to be about me and my youth.
  11. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    You've doubled your speed and you can be proud of that. I seem to match the olympic medalists of reading speed... why compare yourself to me? You are reading! Against your expectations! Good job!
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  12. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member Unclaimed IQ

    Unless someone was rainman-like, I had no idea people read as fast as you. By Moshin's response, I figured he might not know people like you exist either.
  13. AguirresPriest

    AguirresPriest Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    Have you read any William Faulkner @Moloch? He's a great writer and he's also someone who can write very complex sentences and paragraphs. I'd be very interested to know what kind of speed could be used with his work. I recommend "Barn Burning" as an interesting story that's available online. I quoted it in a post some time back. Here's a link...
    The story has 7781 words.

    Ever since I first read Faulkner, maybe a year ago or so, I've looked at fiction with a different standard of quality. Too bad he didn't write any science fiction. :D

    I invite anyone to read this story and measure your advanced-fiction reading speed. :thumbsup::) Might find interesting results. I have a feeling that most of our discussions of reading speed were in regard to non-fiction.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
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  14. Luchristoffer

    Luchristoffer Member Claimed IQ: 130+

    I'm halfway through Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Great reading, quite addictive. I don't normally read that much poetry but this one had me up till 3 o' clock tonight before forcing myself to stop, it got my mind really racing too so now I can't sleep... Well, now I've got to sleep.
  15. marom

    marom Well-Known Member Claimed IQ: 140+

    MATHEMATICS: Its Content, Methods, & Meaning, 3 Volumes Bound as One, by A D Aleksandarov, A N Kolmogoroov, and M A Lavrent'ev
    The World of Russian mathematics was closed off from the rest of the World during the Soviet era, so it is fascinating finally to read this work. I have just begun the book, but already I am impressed w/how the Russian mathematicians dealt w/the explanation of the development of early mathematics and the concept of the real number via the interaction of arithmetic and geometry and the realization of incommensurables ... I have always enjoyed Russian prose, even in translation; its bald frankness appeals to me.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
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  16. DutchJess

    DutchJess Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    I’m wondering whether you’ve read it by now?
  17. Cornucopia

    Cornucopia Well-Known Member IQ: 140+

    I'm at page 175. Been having a shitload of stuff to do at uni. But I'm still up for discussion.
  18. DutchJess

    DutchJess Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    I just started The Singularity is Near by Kurzweil. Don’t think it will take me long to finish!
  19. Glimmer

    Glimmer Active Member Claimed IQ: 150+

    That's a very interesting topic and a very interesting author. Hopefully you'll also be reading my book soon. I sent it to you today.
  20. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member IQ: Over 150

    'The Martian' by Andy Weir.

    A lovely little book written by an intelligent author who set out to entertain. Well, he succeeded.

    'The Anubis Gate' by Tim Powers.

    A bit too predictable at times, but fun. The book suggested it was 'The steampunk classic'. Didn't feel like a classic.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017

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